Sunday, 24 September 2006

Malvern Baths / Harold Holt Memorial Swim Centre

Malvern Baths, where I learned to swim (and dive from the board). A beautiful Art deco pool surrounds built in 1927. Times change, and as you can se below, in the 1960s it was re-developed. The building, now classified by the National Trust, is considered to be among the most notable examples of Brutalist architecture, a style adopted in the 1960s. Which means it is incredibly ugly! But the pool itself is great.

Malvern Baths 1927

Malvern Baths 1927

Malvern Baths opened November 1927

In the late 1960s, Malvern Baths were re-developed at the Harold Holt Memorial Swimming Pool. The new pool was to be named the City of Malvern Olympic Swimming Centre, however following the tragic death at sea in December 1967 of Malvern's local member and Prime Minister of Australia, the new pool was named the Harold Holt Memorial Swimming Centre. The Centre was opened by the Prime Minister, John Gorton in March 1969.
More of the history can be read here.
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