Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Cook + Philip Park, Sydney

Such a shame: this sun-bathing area used to be filled with colourful mosaic-covered fountains that the kids could run around between for some water play.I suppose adult melanoma production takes precedence...

Not very good pics because I was outside. This pool is right in the centre of Sydney, opposite Hyde Park, underground outside St Mary's Cathedral. It's a fantastic facility to have in the centre of the city. There's a sports hall which is used by office workers during the day, as the main pool is used for lapping.
The pool is under here.
Click here for a link to the pool's official website.


Momentary Madness said...

Hello Sally, just came upon you sites. I am typing this on my head, (same old joke I know)so with the blood rushing I've lost what I really wanted to say. I liked the photos till I came to the bit about- "adult melanoma production takes precedence..." I felt a little shiver there. Hui! Sorry, that word is not politically correct now after Virginia shootings. Anyway!
Keep on clicking. Y :-) Paddy

Unknown said...

These pics are simply exclusive and really out of the league..My friend here at aquabot just whisper in my ear that you did some color correction on them ..Is that really so..and Is there any artistic modification other than color correction?...I mean it simply spoil the originality of the digital image..

Sally said...

Sean, I don't do any digital manipulation, except occasionally I crop a bit out, and sometimes I do a minor adjustment to the lighting, because my camera tends to photograph quite light. I never do colour adjustment or enhancement.....WYSIWYG!