Friday, 6 April 2007

Ocean Baths, Newcastle

The Newcastle Ocean Baths are in the historical Newcastle East area. They were commenced in 1910, with the pavilion being commenced in 1922. The baths and pavilion were remodelled in 1928. A conservation order was placed on them in the 1980s, and revoked in 1992. However, conservation work is now underway. For the history of the baths, see here.

Below: The "Canoe pool" next to the southern end of the Ocean Baths was completed in 1939, as an extension to the "Young Mariner's Pool (1937). The bottom of this new pool featured a map of the world in pigmented cement, so the pool was considered both 'educational and recreational'. This geographical pool originally intended for 'tinies' had such appeal for bigger children that it became overcrowded. More here.

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kuanyin333 said...

Aloha Sally....I just discovered another one of your blogs, this swimming pool blog! I love it! If you ever want me to contribute a Maui swimming pool, just let me know. You have a great collection already...a very interesting one here!

JAM said...

Wow, you're a machine with all of the blogs.

These photos are wonderful. Were you the only one there? What an interesting place. I'd love to wander around here with my camera.

Great work.