Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Drummoyne Olympic Pool

An outdoor heated pool located on Iron Cove (a branch of Sydney Harbour)

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Graeme said...

I was in the area recently so dropped down (literally) for a dip. Reception is at street level, then down three levels to the pool. As far as seasonal pools go, at 1st September this one is an early opener. The recent duplication of the Iron Cove Bridge occurred on the pool side, so there is traffic noise and spectators galore on the bridge walkway, though perhaps because they're way up in the air I didn’t notice either after about 15 minutes. The new concrete bridge also ruins the view of the old iron one.

The pool itself is interesting in that the sides (not ends) are flush with the water and have grate type drains. There is also a ledge you can stand on around the deeper two thirds or so. These make it easy to get out and also good if needing a break at the 2m end of a lap. Maybe pools aren’t all the same after all.

There was a wide range of ages in attendance. Few teenage boys however, as the surrounding area while able to accommodate a reasonable number of sunbathers, is just too small for teenage boy games. Being protected from northeasters, I envisage it could get very crowded on a midsummer weekend.