Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Shelly Beach, Cronulla

A beautiful summer's day, 28 Jan 2008. Australia Day weekend, and a visit to two southern beach pools, Shelly Park and Oak Park at Cronulla. I acknowledge the traditional owners past and present, at this the land of the Dharawal people.

Below: Looking north towards Cronulla:

Panorama of Shelly Park and Pool:
The pool and pavilion:
Shelter for a picnic:
Looking south:
Looking north:

The pool :

Historical notes, from website NSW Ocean Baths

Early 1900s This area of Cronulla was 'notorious for mixed bathing'. Shelly Beach was acknowledged for its natural beauty and considered a suitable site for a 'splendid swimming basin on similar lines to that on the north side of Coogee'. Residents constructed the initial pool that Council upgraded. The pool appeared on postcards. (Note: I'd love to get hold of one of those postcards!)
Late 1930s The formalised baths at Shelly Park were the results of E. S. Spooner's (NSW Minister for Works) unemployment scheme.
1938 About 30 local residents voluntarily began removing stones from the swimming pool in readiness for the coming season. Council acquired a special lease for the pool from the Lands Board office for construction of rock baths in the beach reserve. Construction of the pool cost 1,300 pounds.
1939 W. F. Foster successfully tendered for construction of the dressing-pavilion and conveniences, at a cost of 1,800 pounds.
1981In 'The Year of the Disabled', a ramp was added to provide wheelchair access to the pool, but sand build-up made this ineffective. Sutherland Shire considered extending the ramp, which would restrict access for most bathers or spending $6,000 to shift the ramp to the north side of the pool.
Late 1980s Rising public liability costs threatened the survival of all Cronulla's tidal pools.
1991 The South Cronulla rock pool's need for repairs some five years after experiencing storm damage meant large crowds vied for swimming space at the Shelly Beach pool.
2006 This pool attracts year-round swimmers.

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Anonymous said...

thank you so much for the beautiful pics of Shelly beach. I grew up on the Port Hacking river at Yowie Bay and spent a lot of time as a child at Cronulla but my fondest memories are of Shelly beach.I've been living in self imposed exile in UK for 30 years and Shelly beach is exactly as i remember it from the 1950's. true. The wonderful pool. After spending the day in and out of it,falling asleep at night and still feeling the rhythm of the sea. The rock pools are also as i remember them.
Great memories. thank you