Thursday, 6 March 2008

Copi Hollow, Lake Menindee NSW

Copi Hollow is an artifically constructed lake developed for speedboats, sailing, swimming and water-skiing about 13 km north of Menindee on the Broken Hill Rd.

We were on a summer road trip from Sydney to Adelaide in January 1982. We went via Broken Hill where we spent a few days with close friends who had moved there a year or so earlier. Broken Hill is hot in summer. Water is cool. And Copi Hollow was just what we needed.

The Menindee Lakes have been suffering from lack of water from its feeder source, the darling River, in the rescent drought, and Copi Hollow has been afflicted by a toxic blue-gree algae. Unfortunatley, much of the water from the Darling "disappears" into massive cotton farm way, way upstream. You can read more here.

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