Thursday, 3 April 2008


The quest for the perfect pair of goggles...

After I come home from a swim, I rinse my stuff off in the laundry tub, and hang googles and hand paddles over the tap and leave flippers, cap and ear plugs to dry. Over the years I've been looking for the "perfect" pair of goggles. Anti-fog, UV protection, comfortable silicon surrounds, easily adjustable, good vision, leak-proof....and so has my son. We've got quite a collection - there are a couple more rejects hanging over the rail on the door handle as well...

So now, at last, I think I've found them. Prescription goggles - they're the ones in the front. At last I can see the end of the pool clearly, and everything else under the water.


Patrizia said...

Hi Sally! I love swimming so I guess this is a perfect blog for me too!! I'm going to read here and there now ... it sounds very interesting!


Patrizia said...

Hi Sally! I answer here to your question about swimming indoor.

About in every major town you can find indoor swimming pools, so no problem. If you tell me exactly where are you going to stay and which town you'll visit, I can help you plan your Italian swimming!


Michelle aka Boo Book said...

OMG! What a fantastic blog! Thank you so much Cabacurl Jude for sending me this link. It IS exactly what I've been looking for on the net. I absolutely love swimming and have made it my long term lifes desire to swim in a different location when the opportunity arises. I love it so much that I'm sure people must think I'm a bit off with the fairies cause my mind is constantly occupied with swmming thoughts. My personal creed is "swimming is the answer to everything"!

Patrizia said...

Hi Sally
I have a friend living in Lucca, I asked her about a public swimming pool. I'll let you know as soon as possible.