Sunday, 3 August 2008

Art: Cezanne

"Bathers were one of Cézanne's themes. Women bathers are usually presented in large pyramidal groups, overlapping, mostly with their backs to the viewer. His men generally face forward, almost in a frieze. They are individuals in the same scenery, neither interacting nor overlapping. There is no eye contact between any of them. Cézanne's only real passion was his art, but that passion was never revealed on the canvas itself." (Quote from here)
Large Bathers
1899-1906 (130 Kb); Oil on canvas, 208 x 249 cm ; Philadelphia Museum of Art

Les grandes baigneuses

1900-05 (140 Kb); Nudes in Landscape; Oil on canvas, 132.4 x 219.1 cm ; The Barnes Foundation, Merion, Pennsylvania

When exhibited in 1907, this painting became an inspiration for the nascent Cubist movement; both Picasso and Matisse took a strong interest in it.


c. 1890-91 (130 Kb); Oil on canvas, 54.2 x 66.5 cm ; The Hermitage, St. Petersburg No. 3KP 536. Formerly collection Otto Krebs, Holzdorf

Les baigneurs au repos

1875-76 (160 Kb); Bathers at Rest; Oil on canvas, 82 x 102.2 cm ; The Barnes Foundation, Merion, Pennsylvania

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