Saturday, 11 December 2010

On a day like today.....'s great to be here! (Bexley pool)


Mark said...

Bexley Public Pool is arguably one of the best located and postioned pools in Sydney. WIth a perfect northerly aspect, sheltered from southerlies by a steep hill to the south, its pools nestle beautifully in an amphitheatre type microenvironment. Open all year round since 2009 following public pressure, many argue that outdoor swimming in the heated Olympic Pool is pure bliss, particularly on a sunny winters day.

Unfortunately, the pool leaks badly and is need of complete restoration. The addition of indoor facilities at the southern end of the site will make the centre far more viable and reduce the subsidy required to operate the centre year round. Rockdale City Council agreed to upgrade the facilities at Bexley in November 2008. Since then progress has been very slow with pool patrons and the community becoming more and more concerned that Bexley Pool will not receive the upgrade it deserves.

Concerned swimmers are encouraged to follow this important issue and attend Rockdale City Council Meetings to support the upgrade. Next meeting is scheduled for Wed 16 March 2011. See RCC Website for details.

Interested swimmers can join the Bexley Pool Supporters email list by sending their email address to You will then be kept up to date with the progress of the proposed upgrade.

In the meantime enjoy swimming at beautiful Bexley Swimming Centre.

Sally said...

Thanks for your comments Mark. I agree with you about the merits of Bexley Pool. Recent overseas visitors I took there thought it was like a tropical paradise!