Sunday, 30 January 2011

Lake McKenzie, Fraser Island, Queensland 25 Jan 2011

Lake McKenzie is a sublime place to swim. And on the day we were there, we were the only group (14 people!). The lake is a "perched lake", meaning it is located above the water table. It is fed ONLY by rain water, and the only way water can exit is through evaporation. A layer of bonded mud, sand and vegetation (peat) called "humate" acts like a huge swimming pool liner, keeping the water inside.

Because the water is pure, swimmers are asked not to wear sunscreen or oils or use soap and shampoos when swimming. Car camping has been banned by the lake, which has cut down on the amount of litter and water contamination which previously occurred there.

The water temp was approximately 23 degrees - perfect!

Fraser Island has about 40 perched lakes.

Here are my photos of swimming in the lake previously - on 24 Jan 2001

Above: This looks to be an accumulation of oils


AquaMarina said...

sally that looks totally idyllic!
am I right to think there can't be any fish in there? and how are you meant to wash off sunscreen before you get in?

Sally said...

Aqua - it is idyllic....just outstanding.
The water is acidic - very very soft (your hair comes out as if conditioned!) and there is virtually no life in it.

You can leave sunscreen off, and just put it on after swimming, or put it on 15 mins prior and allow your skin to absorb it (which you should do anyway...)

AquaMarina said...

thanks for your answers Sally and one final question - is there any danger of crocodiles in a lake like this?

Sally said...

No crocodiles here!

Karen said...

I've been to that lake. Unfortunately it was slightly spoiled by a woman doing an impression of a whale breaching!

Ben said...

Hi Sally,
thanks for all the nice pictures! I´m writing an assignment about the water quality of Fraser´s dune lakes - can I use the picture of the oil-accumulation on Lake McKenzie of yours for my assessment?! Would be really helpful, it´s not going to be published but I want to make sure not to infringe on any copyrights.


Sally said...

Ben - go for it! More than hapy to help.