Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Bexley: It's a resort! But what about the future?

I took a friend from England to Bexley pool in January 2011. She said it was "like a resort", and she's not wrong! Where else can you spend all day in beautiful park-like surroundings, have a picnic, play, sunbake and exercise for $5 an adult!

The future of the pool has been under a cloud for some time.

Why wouldn't developers not want to get their hands on this delightful site - build 100 townhouses, slap up a huge security fence, probably even provide a 25 metre lap pool for the exclusive use of those residing behind the gates and walls?

It's still precariously balanced. While Mark Hanna, who has fought tirelessly for the pool over many years, co-ordinating the campaign which saw Rockdale Council agree to proceed through various stages of the proposal, and with not a few hiccups along the way, including a rescission motion, has been elected to Rockdale Council at the recent elections....the numbers are still delicately poised.

Previous blogs providing the 'back story':

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10 December 2010: Bexley pool battle (article from The Leader)

Meanwhile, as the spring / summer season gets underway, here's some of my underwater shots from Bexley taken over the past couple of years...enjoy! Taken with my Canon D10 camera.


Graeme said...

Despite living my first 30 years in the area and visiting a couple of times a week ever since, I came here for the first time in April when my (ex?) favourite pool closed for winter. I figured I’d use the pool till about the end of May when it would become too cold out of the pool. End of May became end of June, then July was still nice, as was August and now it’s spring again. Must be about the only centre in Sydney that you can swim and laze about outdoors all year round.

I guess a 50m pool doesn’t vary much from one venue to another; it’s just a very big box of water. It’s the surroundings and friendly staff that make the difference. Bexley is hard to beat on both counts.

The future – yes, that will be interesting.

Sally said...

They are terrific staff, aren't they!The SunBowl effect is amazing for all year round outdoor swimming. I balk when it's overcast being a bit of a sunbird, but Sydney has plenty of sunny winter days!

Unknown said...

Hi Sally, I really like your blog and the fact that you are blogging about Bexley pool! I reckon we take for granted our local pools in this city. Most of them are excellent. I work all around the Sydney metropolitan area, and I always have a pair of budgie smugglers in my car, ready for a few laps here or there.

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