Monday, 27 April 2009

My cards - swimming theme

I really enjoy making Artist Trading Cards, mostly using rubber stamps and inks.
These are 2.5 inch x 3.5 inch cards, the size of the old swap cards we used to trade as kids.

The principle is simple - they can't be sold, they must be swapped. I belong to a few groups.

After swimming in a few ocean pools this summer, I was inspired to make a card combining my love of stamping, photography and swimming.

I used one of my photos of Bronte Baths to make this one. I used part of a rubber stamp (Swim) and stamped it on acetate. I overlaid it on the resized photo and scanned. With the result I then used a photo manipulation program, ULead Photo Express to turn it into a watercolour effect, and add the bubbles.

Below are some more ATCs I've made with a swimming or beach theme.


Chris said...

Thanks so much for the comments that you left on my blog. I replied to each of them, but they seem to stay on my blog rather than being forwarded to you. I have (as you may have gathered) little idea of how this blogging thing works. I've been reading and enjoying your swimming blog for some time now, and it was your blog that gave me the idea of putting the photos of my Sydney swimming lark online rather than sticking them in a scrapbook as I had originally intended.

pollicino said...

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Chloe said...

WOW Sally these are great!! i am really interested in the representation of water systems and these are very interesting. Great work!!

Deluxx said...

Wow, your ATCs are terrific! I also love to make ATCs with water or swimming themes. Where do you get those great rubber stamps (like the swim one?) Is the diver a stamp?

Thanks for sharing these. Your blog is really interesting.

Deluxx said...

Wow, these are really great! I love your ATCs. I also often make them with water or swimming themes. Where do you get your wonderful rubber stamps, like the "swim" one? Is the retro diver one?

Thanks for sharing these. Your blog is really interesting.

Vintage Reading said...

Hi, I do like all the literary posts on your blog. Have you read the F Scott Fitzgerald short story The Swimmers - it's a brilliant story about the pleasures of swimming.