Sunday 26 April 2009

Cabarita Pool

I was tooling around the Inner West of Sydney recently, and decided to take a peek at Cabarita Pool. Fortunately there was a great viewing area on the outside, cos I didn't have my swimming stuff with me (no, I don't ALWAYS carry it around....note to self: point to consider!)

There was one lone lap swimmer, and it's true it was a fairly windy day, but the board at the entrance said the water temp was 26 deg. Not bad at all.

To get to the pool, you need to enter through Cabarita Park, on Hen and Chicken Bay, part of Sydney Harbour/Parramatta River.


Chris said...

I only just found Cabarita Pool too. Apparently it is river fed, then treated and heated. The water is saltwater. This was the final pool on a day when I tried to swim along the southern shore of Sydney Harbour using tidal baths and harbour swimming enclosures (such as Watsons Bay baths, Nielsen Park enclosure, Dawn Fraser Baths etc). A bit of a John Cheever/ Roger Deakin lark. Anyway, Cabarita Pool sort of fitted the bill.

Winifred said...

That looks a great 50 metre
pool. You're so lucky to have so many pools and open air ones too.

We only have one 50 metre pool within a hundred miles, so it is very poplular. It's now free for over 60's and under 16's out of school hours. One really great thing the Government has done to improve our health.

Needless to say it's not open air! Sadly all our open air pools have closed over years.

Sally said...

Chris - that's really interesting info. I wonder whether Drummoyne Pool is similar (and if so, would it fit your criterion?)

Winifred: back in the '50s no community worth its salt would be without a 50m pool, and most of them survive and are well maintained. Yep, we're blessed with weather to be able to enjoy them.

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Lorna Garratt said...

My parents were the presidents of the men and womens Cabarita Swimming Clubs in the 1940's. I am wondering if anyone can provide me with a history of the Club.
In the 1950's we donated a cup in honour of my father.
THeir names were John (Jack) Pogson and Maude Pogson.