Saturday, 28 May 2011

Cassis (June 2008)

Cassis is a gorgeous, relatively sleepy (though frenetic in high summer I believe) fishing town east of Marseille. We went there for a boat trip around Les Calanques, deeply incised cliffs. I loved the whole atmosphere of Cassis and would very much like to return for an extended period. Perhaps in retirement? With longer to linger, there are many walks in the area that would be worth doing. It seemed a perfect place to be on a deliciously warm late spring day, and the water wasn't TOO cold for a swim!

Above: Cap Canaille, the highest maritime cliffs on the Mediterranean.

Above: Swimming in the enclosure at Cassis Beach - that's Ben and Nathalie standing, and I'm "surfing" in to shore

Above: Post swim nap on the beach

Above: Racing off onto a pedalo

Above: The beach and facilities. The beach was REALLY hard to walk on because it is all fine pebbles that you sink into at every step

Above and Below: One the chief attractions of Cassis is the voat trips around "Les Calanques". This is Calanque En-Vau, perhaps the most beautiful of all. Other than getting a private boat there, and swimming off the boat, you can walk; it's about an hour from Cassis.


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