Sunday, 22 May 2011

Late autumn swimming at Bexley

There's nothing like some gorgeous late autumn weather to lift the spirits. The water temperature at Bexley Pool today was 25 degrees, the air temperature hot 23. I took advantage of the benign conditions for a swim. A great way to iron the crinkles out.

This amazing community facility is worth fighting to save. The recent community campaign means it at least remains on Rockdale Council's priority list for maintenenace and development. What is needed is a SUPPLEMENTARY (but not substitute) indoor facility like at Roselands and Sans Souci. That would mean winter lessons and hydrotherapy, aquarobics etc could take place, generating more use for the pool, and ensuring survival of the 50m outdoor pool for lappers like the band of enthusiastic regulars, and casual swimmers who frequent this place year round, looking for health and fitness.

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