Friday, 18 January 2013

Palm Beach Ocean Pool (6 Jan 2013)

From January 6 to 11 2013 my friend Ann and I walked the Northern Beaches of Sydney, from Barrenjoey Lighthouse to Shelley Beach, Manly. I had wanted to do this trek, part of Sydney's Bicentennial Coastal Walk for some time, with the aim of swimming in all the 14 ocean pools along the way. Here's pool number 1: Palm Beach Ocean Pool.


Sally, Nola and Ann - Palm Beach is in the background

Sally and Ann with Barrenjoey Head in the beackground

Barrenjoey Head with the lighthouse atop

The water inlet/outlet holes along the side

Wildlife at the pool admiring the view


Graeme said...

Love the shot through the inlet/outlet hole. Whenever I try a fancy shot like that it doesn't seem to work.
Occasionally consider doing the Shelley to Barrenjoey walk, but get turned off by the thought of the long drive(s) from Lilli Pilli. I assume you stayed up that way for the week.

Sally said...

Graeme - we stayed at the Collaroy Youth Hostel, and caught the bus to our starting point each day (where we left off the previous day.

Cherry Weilis said...

Nice shots! I love the view of the swimming pool. I think its really nice to go there to have a wonderful experience.