Thursday 14 January 2016

Manuka Pool, Canberra

Manuka Swimming Pool in southern Canberra was built in 1930 to meet recreational needs of the new capital.

There are a couple of hectares of parkland in which there's a cafe, a small playground and a children's paddling pool. Framing the pool is a low wall covered with mosaics and painted tiles which were created in 2005 to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the pool. The artist was Kacy Grainger with contributions from 'The Friends of Manuka Pool', local children and the community.

The wading pool with mosaic wall: 

More of my favourite mosaic :

More mosaics:

Tiles :

The swimming pool:


GeniAus said...

Welcome back to the blogisphere Sally. I missed your posts last year.

Alex Daw said...

Oh I have many memories of swimming carnivals held here at this pool when I was a girl.

Sally said...

Thanks Jill! Retirement has many benefits!

Bernice Cunningham said...

I’m heading to Canberra on exchange next month for a semester abroad, and this pool looks amazing. Definitely going to check it out to beat that thirty degree weather. Are there any other places you would recommend? I already know that I have to try hot air ballooning while I’m there, but Canberra seems like it has so much culture I just don’t want to miss anything.

Bernice Cunningham @ Guardian Industries

Sally said...

Bernice: there is so much to do in Canberra, you will never be wanting.
The national Gallery is outstanding, as is the national Portrait gallery.
Have a look at new parliament house, and the exhibitions at Old Parliament House on Australian democracy. The National Library, National Museum, he Film and Sound Archive. .... it's endless.

And of course there's its to do outdoors as well, bush walks, the Botanic Gardens, and so on. I love it all.