Tuesday, 19 January 2016

WimSwim: Women Only Swimming

Thebarton Aquatic Centre (Adelaide) all-female swimming program co-ordinator Arnesa Kaumivic with her daughter Aida, 4.   
 Recently when I was at the pool doing my laps, I noticed a leaflet advertising Wimswim 2016 a program through January and February consisting of:

  • Learn to swim lessons for women (aged 15 years and over) - $84.70 for a 7 week program (includes pool entry, which is $6, so lessons are only $6.10 each)
  • Lessons for girls (5 to 14 years) - $72 for a 7 week program (includes pool entry)
  • Leisure swimming for girls and women who can already swim and want to improve and enjoy swimming in a female-only environment - $46.20 for a 7 week progam (includes pool entry)
This is a terrific initiative of the NSW Office of Sport and Recreation, and aimed in part at attracting the mums who often take their children to the pool, but who missed out learning to swim themselves. Many come from other countries where swimming for women isn't always a norm. 

Further information can be found at this link: Wimswim 2016

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