Friday, 3 February 2017

Darelle and Sally's Swimming Adventures: Brighton-le-Sands 3 Feb 2017

An overcast but warm afternoon for our second foray to Botany Bay. The beach is known as Lady Robinson's Beach. Originally the beach was known as Seven Mile Beach. The beach was renamed after the wife of the then Governor, Sir Hercules Robinson (4 March 1872 – 24 February 1879)

Yes, we went in, but my waterproof camera is broken. The water was lovely - warm, clear and felt "soft".

Pony tails were the theme for the day.

Can always look out over the port and watch planes take off and arrive at Sydney airport
 Once upon a time, when we were kids, Brighton Baths had an elevated boardwalk all around it. I remember in the late 1960s/early 70s being brave and sliding down the slippery dips into the sea.


Photo from NSW Government Printer, Dec 1929 (State Lib of NSW collection) 

Photo from NSW Government Printer, Dec 1929 (State Lib of NSW collection) 
Now the swimming enclosure is marked by nets between the posts.

Lots of cafes and restaurants clustered around Bay Street and The Grand Parade, including one on the beachfront. Nice coffee (including decaf!)

Once upon a time, sand from the dunes used to periodically cover The Grand Parade. These days, landscaping and dune stabilisation through vegetation prevents that.

The Grand Parade is a lot busier than it was when this pic of new crossing signs was taken on 17 September 1964 (State Library collection)

A fair number of the red brick flats that were starting to sprout are still there, though traffic lights have replaced crossings!

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