Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Sally and Darelle's swimming adventures - Sandringham 15 Feb 2017

After our swimless trip to Bronte on Monday, we headed to the calmer waters of Botany Bay, at Sandringham for a quick dip, and a coffee at a favourite haunt, Kiss The Barista.

Apparently stingrays are amused by the old soft shoe shuffle, but only between April and October.......

...which meant tapper extraordinaire, Darelle's, dancing feet were not on display today

The owner of this pushbike told me what to do if stung by a stingray - pour on water as hot as you can stand it.

Obligatory selfie
The grey building at the end has toilet amenities; big enough to change in. Ample free parking (weekday), benches to sit on, and some shady trees. 

Some very well-behaved dogs came to watch and wait

Time to repair to Kiss the Barista for coffee

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Graeme said...

Often swim here on the way to or from somewhere else, as one can usually park right next to the pool and there is a shower near by. Twenty years ago there was beach at all but the highest tides, now you won't see any at even the lowest. Great pool for those with an aversion to sand.

I've been told stingrays are quite common, though tend to be out near the back net. Never seen one here myself, though I was 'spiked' by one further north at Ramsgate. Extremely painful when it happened, but the pain quickly faded after that, so I'm not sure what the hot water would be for. The only treatment was for the doc to send me off for an ultrasound to make sure the barb hadn't broken off in my foot.