Saturday, 14 October 2006

Botany Aquatic Centre

I've been here a few times, as my son's primary school District swimming carnivals were held here. Today we headed over there on a hot Sydney day, and had a great time.

3 pools - babies, medium, and Olympic. 2 lanes were set aside for laps, which was pretty good considering the numbr of people cooling off in the general area at peak time.

One big atttraction for the kid is the giant waterslide. ($2.55 per ride, or $6 for a half hour session) As well, there's a kiosk (chips, pies, ice creams, sandwiches and soft drinks), coin in the slot (20c) barbecues, a children's playground, and lots and lots and lots of grass and shade. The changing areas are pretty basic, but the toilets are clean (even if they have those horrible half-size doors in the Ladies'). Warm showers 20c.

Entry: Adults $3.60. Kids $2.30. Concession $2.60. Local pensioners: free
Category: Public
Website: Botany Aquatic Centre


Graeme said...

Recently I found myself in a situation where I have a few hours to kill around midday in the Botany area a couple of days a week. While googling things to do, I stumbled on Botany Aquatic Centre, so thought I'd give it a go.

This place is an oasis. Spacious lawns, trees for shade if you want it, open space for sun if you don't. The pools, grounds and change rooms are immaculately clean, and there is a kiosk.

Midweek is fantastic. Not many there so I can swim backstroke in a lane to myself. And the staff, and other patrons I've spoken to, don't appear to have any problem with discreet topless or g-string tanning.

My only complaint is that it is not open all year round! This has to be the best olympic pool in Sydney.

PS Sally, why doesn't it have a listing of its own under "Botany" in the 'Labels' column?

Sally said...

I share your enthusiasm for Botany - tho obviously Bexley is my "first love" !! Maybe see you there some day. Keep the comments coming!

Sally said...

When I tend the blog next. Shall do a label for Botany!

Anonymous said...

What year was this wonderful pool opened