Sunday, 15 October 2006

Carss Park

14 October 2006.

Today I went for a swim here at Carss Park. I have to say I wasn't all that impressed. I used to go here for school swimming classes. What was once quite a nice outdoor pool with grass surrounds has been leased by the Council to a private swimming coach. It has been built up as a fitness and training centre. To get in you must walk through the shop area, and then the pool itself has been surrounded by blue artificial turf and clear plastic sheeting. There are advertising banners all around, and there was a terrible radio station blaring in the background all the time (with some really off-colour 'comedy').

As well, every time anyone entered or exited there was a loud beeping noise that penetrated the whole area.Most of the grass is weedy and scratchy with lots of dirt - you wouldn't want to lie around on it.I guess this pool serves its purpose - mainly training and swimming lessons, but there are more inviting environments!

On top of all that, the entrance was relatively expensive - $ 5 for adults.

The women's change rooms are hard to get to - down a narrow alleyway. They are pretty basic, but clean at least. Includes two hot showers (20c coin in slot) - no doors.

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martha said...

did u enjoy the pool though other than the beepin noise and radio station?