Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Driving and picnicking on the beach

On the Fraser Coast in Queensland (and other places), driving a 4WD along parts of the beach is part of the lifestyle. Nevertheless, beach driving is controversial. I must admit it bemuses me somewhat - how you can imagine diesel fumes add to beauty, and why you would want to spend a picnic in the shadow of your car. It is also a bit disconcerting as a beach walker to have to watch out for traffic!

I am interested to hear what others have to say.

Above: evidence that you are never really alone on the beach, and could get mown down at any time! I went for a walk along Rainbow Beach just after 7am, and had to watch out for vehicles. Mind you, one driver regretted his decision - the rescue would have proved very costly!

Below: King of all he surveys

Below: Peak hour

Below: Where there is driving, there are road signs. This makes a particularly unattractive backdrop to the beach!

Below: Mind you, you had better heed the signs, cos the local coppers patrol the beach. They also set up breath-testing, probably to nab drunken picnickers on their way home from a day down the beach.

Below: Heavy traffic!

Pictures below: Australia Day, Rainbow Beach. Not, in my view, a particularly inviting way to have  a picnic: turn a beach into a car park. Others no doubt disagree.


Nathalie said...

Sally what a fascinating post, I really enjoyed all your photos. Turning a beach into a car park, what a way to celebrate Australia day. YUK !

I also hate the idea of going for a walk on the beach and having to look out for 4WDs.

Anonymous said...

Yeah my local beach is '4wd friendly' most of the drivers seem pretty aware, but every now and then you get some mad ones, some motor bike riders ruin it more tho i find, they go so fast and are so noisy. That's illegal, but there are never any police on the beach to stop or catch them.