Thursday, 17 February 2011

Seary's Creek near Rainbow Beach

Seary's Creek is fed by a spring in the Great Sandy National Park. The water is quite cool, but not too bad for a hardy "southener" like me!

Above: When you created ripples on the surface, it appeared as if the bank was collapsing into the creek.

Above: The water is stained with tannin from tea-trees. The effect of the light on the sandy bottom through the water made it appear as if the roots of the tree were ablaze.

Seary's Creek is located near Rainbow Beach in southeast Queensland:


Anonymous said...

Searys Creek is a beaut swimming spot on a hot Fraser Coast day. Crisp clean water. Lovely.

Sally said...

Fresh water swimming is lovely. I rate it second to Eli Creek on Fraser Island.

Nathalie said...

I swam in such tan coloured water in Kings Canyon, NT. Very nice too.

I'd heard of Eli creek on Fraser island but not of Searys Creek. Thanks for the photos !