Monday, 14 February 2011

Mahon Pool, Maroubra - Contrast

From one day to the next . . . Mahon Pool at Maroubra. The top photo was taken at 3:45 on 16 January 2011, the second one the following morning. How the ocean changes! (The photos following were also taken 16 Jan)

Here's a video....



little hat said...

Great photos. What a change overnight. That's what makes the ocean so entrancing. I'm a swimming addict - can't resist a stretch of water preferably natural. I've nearly frozen to death on a couple of memorable occasions. My blog has a series of photos and stories tagged 'water words and images' from when i was totally obsessed.
Of course we're inundated here at the moment. Rather ironic for someone who likes swimming.

Anonymous said...

Spent a lot of my youth at Maroubra Beach and Mahon pool. Pics bring back good memories.

Sally said...

Great comment little hat.
Anon - a BraBoy or Girl eh?