Sunday, 3 February 2013

Avalon Beach Ocean Pool (7 Jan 2013)

From January 6 to 11 2013 my friend Ann and I walked the Northern Beaches of Sydney, from Barrenjoey Lighthouse to Shelley Beach, Manly. I had wanted to do this trek, part of Sydney's Bicentennial Coastal Walk for some time, with the aim of swimming in all the 14 ocean pools along the way. Here's pool number 3: Avalon Beach Ocean Pool (7 Jan 2013).

Here's an Avalon factoid: In the 1990s, an episode of US TV show Baywatch was filmed at Avalon.
There was some talk of permanently relocating the show to Avalon, but that got stymied due to protests by locals.

Avalon was named in 1921 by a local developer, Arthur Small, after the mythical resting place of King Arthur.

The 25, pool is at the southern end, nestled under the cliff. On the day we visited, the water was warm, but there was a lot of seaweed at the bottom - not a good place to put one's feet down! That did mean it was good for some underwater shots.

The pool is down theat the end of the beach, nestled under the headland

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