Monday 4 February 2013

Bilgola Beach Ocean Pool (7 Jan 2013)

From January 6 to 11 2013 my friend Ann and I walked the Northern Beaches of Sydney, from Barrenjoey Lighthouse to Shelley Beach, Manly. I had wanted to do this trek, part of Sydney's Bicentennial Coastal Walk for some time, with the aim of swimming in all the 14 ocean pools along the way. Here's pool number 4: Bilgola Beach Ocean Pool (7 Jan 2013).

Avalon Bilgola Amateur Swimming Club swims at the Bilgola Rock Pool on Saturday mornings during the summer months. The club was formed in 1961.

In 2010, a man was swimming in the pool, doing his laps, when a coucil worker came along to prepare for the weekly pool cleaning. He opened the outlet valve, and the man was sucked through the pipe and ended up on the sand below. Fortunately he survived, but with cuts due to the rough, barnacle covered interior.

You can read about it here.

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