Sunday, 17 February 2013

Mona Vale Ocean Pool (8 Jan 2013)

A really hot day in Sydney, an early start, a morning swim. A close encounter with one of the resident pelicans at the lovely pool. This was one of my favourites on the northern beaches walk.

From Mona Vale Headland looking over the pool. The first beach is Bongin Bongin, then Mona Vale, then after the rocks in the middle, Warriewood. The headland in the distance is Turimetta Head.

Mona Vale pool from Mona Vale Head

Looking north from the pool towards Mona Vale Headland

This pelican seems to think it knows where its breakfast is coming from!

And then the pelican went for a little stroll around the outside of the pool


Anu said...

I grew up here and used to do laps in this pool before work most days. Thankyou for posting these views, gladdens my heart with memories half forgotten. Nothing like an ocean pool swim before breakfast!

Sally said...

There sure isn't Anu! Especially on the hottest day on record!!