Saturday, 18 January 2014

Hotel pools Part 3: Buenos Aires, Rome and Delfi

Here's three of my favourite pools from overseas trips.

Apartment accommodation in Palermo, Buenos Aires

15 March 2012

15 March 2012

Cavalieri Hilton, Rome

Looks great, was a good pool to swim in, but the nonsense surrounding its use was off-putting. "Free' to hotel guests, but a compulsory 16 Euro fee for a sunbed. And you weren't allowed at the pool without a sunbed to rest your towel the end I did a quick dash, dropped my towel, plunged and swam. 

2 June 2008 Canon Powershot S60

4 June 2008 Canon Powershot S60

Amalia Hotel, Delfi Greece

26 September 1989

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