Monday, 13 January 2014

My private pool, Rosedale 12 May 2012

Rosedale, our beloved South Coast hideaway, is best known for its extensive surf beach.

Tucked away on the rock platform at the southern end, is this little swimming hole, which emerges when the tide is right.

I was staying at Rosedale in May, 2012. Usually the water is far to cold for swimming at that time of year. Not so on 12 May. It was beautiful!


Winifred said...

That looks absolutely gorgeous. No sharks either!

Sally said...

Sure is Winifred!

Graeme said...

Looks familiar. Is it the beach with the three log cabins that belonged to Nicole Kidman's family? Surf was so good that I never got around to exploring the beach itself.

Sally said...

Yes, they were the Kidman property for a short while. Belonged to the Brays for decades before that - they built them when Rosedale Farm was the only activity and they used to camp in them. Cows apparently used to wander up the beach!