Tuesday, 8 August 1989

Pamukklale Motel, Turkey

A really unusual pool in the grounds of the Pamukkale Motel, with submerged fragments of fluted marble columns. Loved floating around here, and swimming underwater amongst all the ruined bits.

Thursday, 3 August 1989

Kaya Camping, Cappadocia, Turkey

This pool at the Kaya Camping Ground between Urgup and Goreme is fantastic when you are travellign around in summer in Turkey. On our trip we spent one whole day lounging around here, recovering from the rigours of travel!

These two Canadians enjoyed it too! Click here.

Monday, 31 July 1989

Near Mt Nemrut, Eastern Turkey

This was one of the most refreshing swims I've ever had. A hot, dusty day. Not exactly sure where it was, but on the road somewhere between Kahta and Nemrut.

Tuesday, 4 July 1989

Lahti, Finland

Pool at the bottom of the ski jump, Lahti, Finland. Obviously, it's covered with snow when the ski jump season is in session!

Category: Unknown. I guess public.

Wednesday, 28 June 1989

Ming Court Hotel, Singapore

June 27 1989
We stopped over in Singapore on a return trip from Greece and Turkey. I am not a fan of Singapore's equatorial climate, and felt enervated. The only time I felt vaguely human was in the air con hotel room, or in this pool - yet there was hardly anyone else in it!