Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Arise, Rockdale Aquatic Centre!

After seven years of community campaigning, blocking by certain elements on Rockdale Council, innumerable meetings, a protest rally, speeches, petition.....and a facebook page....

.... on Saturday 25 July 2015, the first sod was turned on the construction of the new Rockdale Aquatic Centre (I'm sure we'll still call it Bexley Pool)

Rockdale mayor Shane O'Brien "sort of" turning the first sod (it wasn't turned on as he doesn't have a licence!) 

Can hardly wait til the summer of 2016-2017 to get back into this pool. 

I do hope the Cape Chestnut trees make the transition...they flower in September / October.

What community event would be complete without a sausage sizzle???

Deputy Mayor, Liz Barlow, and Cr Mark Hanna, both avid pool supporters. Mark was integral to the campaign for the pool, and  then got elected to Council.