Friday, 9 May 2014

A new spiritual home - Sans Souci pool

...until the new Bexley pool arrives...

A nicely heated outdoor 50m pool, an indoor pool which has 3 x 25 m lanes. It is used a lot for swimming lessons. And a lovely setting in Sans Souci Park, under Captain Cook Bridge, looking over Kogarah Bay.

I used to go to Sans Souci for school swimming in the 1970s. It must be about the same age as Bexley - is lined with the same tiles.

Here's something I noticed. Australia went metric from 1970, in stages. The measurements of length are metric. It is a 50m pool, and there are tiles down the side marking 25m and 33m (and even one just saying M ! ). But the depth tiles are in imperial measurements. 3ft 6ins and 5 ft being two.

A previous visit to Sans Souci is blogged here. 

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Last laps at Bexley pool

The old Bexley pool closed on 1 May, in anticipation of opening as the re-developed Rockdale Aquatic Centre in July 2016.

Here's an article from the St George and Sutherland Shire Leader

John Heuschkel (left) and Graham Mayhew (right) have been swimming since the pool opened in 1976. Picture: Stephen Le Bas
John and Graham. Photo: Stephen Le Bas

Supporters gather to say farewell. Photo: Stephen Le Bas

Pool redevelopment mover and shaker Mark Hanna - last laps

My favourite position! 

Will really miss the Cape Chestnut trees