Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Prince Alfred Park, Surry Hills

The swimming pool in Prince Alfred Park, Surry Hills, Sydney is being re-developed. It was supposed to open for the summer season this year, which is now. I pass this site nearly every day and have been wondering when it will re-open (It is close enough to use for a lunchtime swim, and will be open year-round).

According to the Sydney City Council website  there have been delays caused by contaminated soil having to be removed from the site, underground services had to be completely replaced, and unprecedented rain last year caused delays. 
It's looking really good...the roof has been planted to create a meadow-effect. Here's a previous blog on this pool.

Friday, 19 October 2012

Fantasy pool, Sunshine Coast, Qld

The ultimate fantasy pool, I think. By Aquatonic Pty Ltd, a Brisbane company. I don't usually show commercial firms etc on this blog but I am blown away by how beautiful this pool and its setting is.