Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Sally and Darelle's swimming adventures - Sandringham 15 Feb 2017

After our swimless trip to Bronte on Monday, we headed to the calmer waters of Botany Bay, at Sandringham for a quick dip, and a coffee at a favourite haunt, Kiss The Barista.

Apparently stingrays are amused by the old soft shoe shuffle, but only between April and October.......

...which meant tapper extraordinaire, Darelle's, dancing feet were not on display today

The owner of this pushbike told me what to do if stung by a stingray - pour on water as hot as you can stand it.

Obligatory selfie
The grey building at the end has toilet amenities; big enough to change in. Ample free parking (weekday), benches to sit on, and some shady trees. 

Some very well-behaved dogs came to watch and wait

Time to repair to Kiss the Barista for coffee

Monday, 13 February 2017

Darelle and Sally's (disappointing) swimming adventure - Bronte. 13 Feb 2017

Today our aim was Bronte pool. We were met with a closed beach and closed pool, due to heavy surf conditions.

We're in Waverley Council territory now, and so we had to feed the hungry beast. We did manage to find a park in the shade, but it's a very short term stay. 

From 9am to 6pm, September to May, the maximum parking time is 1 hour. Two hours the rest of the year.  There's unrestricted parking further away from the beach, and being the eastern suburbs, long hot climbs up hills after your dip. So, don't drive to Bronte thinking you are going to park close by for a day at the beach. You might need to catch a bus. I think this is the way the locals, as well as the revenue-raising Council quite likes it.

There's a great kids' playground in Bronte Park. The park leads down to the beach. 
Lots of picnic tables and barbecues

Typical weekday crowds

There's the pool tucked under the southern headland....not many people there, we thought. Well, noone as it turned out. 
The area just outside the pool is called the Bogey Hole. Click here to see what it looked like last time I blogged it. 

The surf was roiling and broiling

Here's a video of the surf

Here's another video

A few adventurous souls were taking a dip...not us....there were no safe swimming area flags on the beach, and neither of us is confident enough in strong surf.

Mindful that we only had a half hour on the parking meter before getting a ticket, we went to the kiosk for a coffee. Good coffee, and lots of traditional beach fare - chips and sausage rolls, and ice creams, but chiko rolls seem to have been replaced by Turkish bread sandwiches! There's swankier cafes in the 'hood as well, but the kiosk served us well.

Here's a previous blog from when I swam at Bronte pool once before.  It's a great pool.

Friday, 3 February 2017

We won! The new Bexley Pool reopened. 26 January 2017

As Foundation members (first 500 to sign up), we got entry 2 ours before the general public, and managed a good look around. 

The 25 m indoor pool

Back "home"

My favourite tree - a Cape Chestnut

Even the BBQ equipment is brand new

Water polo nets - the outdoor pool is water polo compliant

Gym membership included. 

Later in the day: mayhem.

Kids' splash pad