Friday, 11 March 2016

Darelle and Sally's Swimming Adventures Part 7: South Coogee and South Maroubra

On a fairly overcast, but hot and humid day, we set off to find the rock pool (Ivor Rowe) at South Coogee. It's a natural pool which was enlarged in the 1960s.

We arrived at high tide, and there was a high swell, so we didn't venture down - the steps looked really really slippery too - lots of algae on them.

So, we took off to search for the rock pools at South Maroubra, to discover that they are mainly revealed at low tide. We arrived at peak high tide (1.83m). Still, there were pools and headland to explore, and a nice cup of coffee back at the cafe at the Surf Club afterwards!

Fortunately we only saw the sign!