Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Darelle and Sally's Swimming Adventures Part 5: Little Bay

After a bit of rain to start, Australia Day became sunny and humid, so time to head off for our next swimming adventure: Little Bay beach. 

I've blogged quite a number of times before from here. 
See here:
Today there was a yacht race from Sydney Harbour to Botany Bay and back, and we could clearly see them as they passed by. 
It was much more crowded than times in the past, BUT it was a public holiday, and there ae many many more apartments and houses there now as the old Prince Henry's coast hospital land has been developed. 
Facilities are pretty scant - no real shade except in the sandstone overhang. There is only one toilet / change room and the queue can be long if there are a lot of people. No beachside cafe, but there are some a short drive away. 
The water was deliciously warm, but there were a fair few bluebottles to be seen; they weren't deterring anyone (except us). We didn't notice them when we did have our swim, and we emerged un-stung. 
The beach is on the eastern coastal walk between the harbour and Botany Bay. A short walk to the southern headland is rewarded with magnificent views (see below) 
Happy to be back in the water: 

The ring of rocks pool : see link above for more information:

Up on the southern headland :

Why not pitch your tent and set up your picnic directly across the only access path to the beach from the headland! I had to pick my way across the the picnic!

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Darelle and Sally's Swimming Adventures Part 4: Murray Rose Pool (formerly Redleaf), Double Bay

The enclosure, formerly known as Redleaf Pool, in Sydney Harbour is part of Seven Shillings Beach. It was built in 1941. I've written earlier about the beach and pool - click here. Do have a look - the story about Captain Piper after whom the headland point is named, is a hoot!  More pics here. 

Maybe this is the red leaf?

Our approach:

In August 2012, following his death, the pool was renamed Murray Rose Pool. Rose was an Olympic champion who learned to swim in this pool. He won the 400m and 1500m freestyle and 4x200m freestyle relay golds at the 1956 Melbourne Olympics, and defended the 400m title in 1960 at the Rome Olympics. He broke 15 world records over 9 years.

A feature of the pool is the elevated boardwalk all around - great for jumping from.

...or singing "My Heart Will Go On" (theme from Titanic) from:

Will she, or won't she...

She did!

...and the two floating pontoons, popular for sunbaking on, and jumping and diving from.

There's a baby swimming area:

and a good cafe / kiosk (never far from an espresso machine in Sydney):

and a lot of grass and shade if lying on sand isn't your preferred option:

Adjoining the pool is a beautiful heritage garden, Blackburn Gardens.

Seated Woman II by Sam Harrison, unveiled 14 march 2013. Commissioned by Woollahra Council as part of the Women in Woollahra project, which recognises and celebrates the contribution of women.

Parking is a problem for visiting this beach - you have to try to find parking on the main road 100 m up the hill, or use public transport, or walk a reasonable distance. We were lucky and fluked a very convenient parking spot.

Your intrepid reporters: