Sunday, 28 January 2007

Dickson Aquatic Centre, Canberra. January 2007

Main 50m pool

Children's pool

I visited early in the morning (approx 6.30 am, and the 50 m pool was quite crowded (up to 5 to a lane). Nevertheless, it was a good pool for sswimming, and people observed lane etiquette well. I didn't get any closer to take more photos because I felt fairly silly walking around with the camera, and some people get a bit huffy about pics being taken.

Change area was fairly basic, and there were notes about not having long showers - there being water restrictions due to the drought in effect in Canberra.

Here's some pics of drought affected Lake George, near Canberra:

Clifton Suites, Northbourne Avenue, Canberra

January 2007. For a hotel pool, not too bad. Total length 25m. You ned to get there early to be able to do any laps though, especially in school holidays, when it fills up with kids. In common with most hotel pools, it also gets very choppy as the water doesn't drain smoothly like a "proper pool".