Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Last laps at Bexley pool

The old Bexley pool closed on 1 May, in anticipation of opening as the re-developed Rockdale Aquatic Centre in July 2016.

Here's an article from the St George and Sutherland Shire Leader

John Heuschkel (left) and Graham Mayhew (right) have been swimming since the pool opened in 1976. Picture: Stephen Le Bas
John and Graham. Photo: Stephen Le Bas

Supporters gather to say farewell. Photo: Stephen Le Bas

Pool redevelopment mover and shaker Mark Hanna - last laps

My favourite position! 

Will really miss the Cape Chestnut trees


Graeme said...

Due to the YMCA contract date, it all happened rather quickly in the end. I had to rush down for a final swim. Thought of bringing a camera, but figured you'd post a few pics. I'm actually in the far background in a couple of them. Didn't interrupt you (we had met once previously in the car park) as you were busy talking to Mark, then taking the photos. Speaking of which, I never realised how many signs there were scattered around.

Will be interesting when it reopens whether it can regain the friendly atmosphere that set it apart from many other centres. I've found that 'megacentres' tend to be somewhat impersonal.

Cobotooz said...

I love Oz. Beautiful country. Traveled there and swum on many beaches. I remember going to a pool in Sydney. It was by the Central station. Funny place for a public pool among the traffic. Still it was a scorching day and needed to get into fresh water.

Sydney. Awesome.