Thursday, 15 December 2011

Bexley pool update

At the Rockdale Council meeting on Wed 7 Dec, a unanimous decision was made to go ahead with the next phase of the pool re-development: commuity engagement. Consultation feedback is called for, starting Dec 13 and running to early March 2012.

As Mark Hanna, spokesperson for the pool supporters' said:

"After three solid years of intense lobbying, petitions and meeting attendance, we finally have something concrete to comment on. I cannot stress enough how important it is to flood council with favourable feedback on the proposed concept plans and facility mix."

All the information is available at the Rockdale Council website:

Alternatively, they have set up a special email address for feedback as well. The email address is

The St George and Sutherland Shire Leader carries a front page story on the proposed upgrade. People can also go onto their site and make comments. Here is the link:

This is our chance to get this project over the line and secure the long term future of Bexley Pool. Please help by providing positive feedback. Without this upgrade, the future of Bexley Pool remains highly uncertain.

Pictures are courtesy of architects TompkinsMDA. Look at the link to see their other aquatic centre designs.


Vanessa Johnson said...

What a wonderful post, thanks very much Sally, and nice to e-meet you. TompkinsMDA Architects are the architects for the Bexley Swimming and Leisure Centre upgrade, and I wonder whether you might be kind enough to get in contact with us. Please call Vanessa Johnson on 0405 125 715 at your earliest convenience. We look forward to speaking with you. Cheers, V

natdalton said...

I love the last picture. The swimming pool design is really cool. I would love to see something like this in my community!

steve daniels said...

what a waste of ratepayers money, couldnt they adopt the "kiss "principle with a new pool?

Anonymous said...

what grandiose plans, cant they work on the "kiss " principle & save ratepayers a bit of money?

Anonymous said...

The concept plans currently open for public comment for a new facility at Bexley Swimming Centre demonstrate a well researched and skillfully designed facility. It is evident that Rockdale Council has undertaken extensive market based investigation and analysis in order to develop such a well balanced facility that will clearly meets the needs of a modern day community. Whilst the proposed centre contains everything required to cater for a broad section of the community, the "quadrant" design of the main building is in complete harmony with its natural surroundings. The estimated cost of $26.8m for a local government area of 100,000 represents good value for money as a facility like this will serve generations to come. My congratulations to RCC for having the vision to put forward such a wonderful facility.