Monday, 24 February 2014

Bexley pool development application: have your say now!

The Bexley Pool redevelopment has reached an important milestone. 

The Development Application for the new aquatic centre at the current Bexley pool site has been lodged and will be on public exhibition until 13 March 2014. The link here will take you to Rockdale City Council's DA page for this application. From there, you will be able to open various tabs that will allow access to plans and other documents.  You can also see photos and plans on my previous blog: click here.

Reaching this stage has taken years of lobbying and countless meetings, letters, public forum addresses, 1659 feedback submissions, two petitions of 1358 and 4600 signatures and much more. Without the support of pool supporters we would not have reached this point, leaving Bexley Pool facing a highly uncertain future. When built, the new centre will provide aquatic, fitness and leisure facilities for generations to come.

You will note Council's recognition of the city wide and indeed regional significance of this facility as reflected by the name change to Rockdale City Aquatic Centre. The new facility is to be built on the existing Bexley Swimming Centre site and will cater for a broad spectrum of our community, from the very young to our senior citizens. Full details of the proposed facility mix are included in the documents on Rockdale City Council's website.

Please -  all supporters are needed to make a submission to Council. When doing so, please ensure you reference your submission with DA-2014/255  Rockdale City Aquatic Centre.

You can make a submission by email to  or by post to The General Manager, Rockdale City Council, 2 Bryant Street, Rockdale 2216.

Please lodge your submission no later than 13 March 2014 and help get this wonderful project through this crucial phase.

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